The Learning Safari
Learning Safari

The Learning Safari
 brings LIVE ANIMAL SHOWS to you in a presentation-style format. These live animal presentations are great for schools, camps, and other groups throughout Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. The wide range of animals captivate audiences of all ages.

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  • Hands-On Programs
  • Assembly Programs

Hands-On Learning Safari programs allow you to touch and directly interact with a wide variety of animals! Younger children especially love this format, but it can be catered to people of all ages.

Hands-On programs are for smaller audiences of 30 or less people. Multiple presentations can be given back-to-back to break up larger numbers of people.

All Hands-On programs feature 4-6 animals and last approximately 30 minutes per show.

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Program Name Description Fees*
Barnyard Babies Have fun learning with baby ducks, chicks, bunnies and one surprise animal! $299.00 or $399.00 for back-to-back

Reptile Rap

Learn about a variety of reptiles such as a boa constrictor,iguana and tortoise! $299.00 or $399.00 for back-to-back
Jungle Jam Interact with rain forest animals such a coatimundi, snake, tortoise, iguana or macaw!
$299.00 or $399.00 for back-to-back
Living Diversity This program combines some of the animal stars of the other programs to demonstrate some of the neatest things different types of animals can do! $299.00 or $399.00 for back-to-back

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*Transportation fees apply (based on program location).

Assembly Learning Safari Programs are great for larger groups of 50 or more people. We present domestic and exotic animals in a 45-minute interactive and educational slideshow presentation! Back-to-back shows can be performed as necessary.

The presentations can be catered to almost any age group!

Program Name Program Description Fees*
The Living Rainforest This presentation shows animals from the rainforest, perhaps the most important ecosystem on earth, commonly called the "lungs" of the planet. Learn about the rainforest and how critical it is to preserve! $399.00 or $599.00 for 2 back-to-back shows

Living Diversity

This program shows a varietey of animals with a host of radically different traits. Biodiversity is an important global asset, and one that we must fight to preserve. $399.00 or $599.00 for 2 back-to-back
Survival Strategies In this presentation, learn about the ways different animals survive, from poisons, camouflage, great speed, and the ability to fly. Meet some of these animals with these amazing abilities!
$399.00 or $599.00 for 2 back-to-back shows
Threats to Conservation In this program, meet animals from various ecosystems and about the threats of Global Warming, habitat destruction, and poaching. $399.00 or $599.00 for back-to-back
Diversity Detectives Become an A.C.E. detective and work to classify animals in this game-show format! Two teams compete and all receive badges.
$399.00 or $599.00 for 2 back-to-back shows

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*Transportation fees apply (based on program location).